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What we do?

Scopewit is a development and product-based company. We are providing development based on mobile and web applications based on a specific platform. We develop Cross-platform development as it is the best way to cut the cumulative cost for a mobile application. It helps your business to reduce upgrade costs without loss of quality.

Mobile Platform

Android | Ios

Web development

Wordpress | Magento | Shopify


What we think for future

We are in modern world of digitalization where future is completely transforming in to digital entity. Scopewit as company looking for revolution in market with its product & development of custom software to enhance business to its next level.

Mobile development inNativeCross-platformHybrid Platform

Internet of things

We develop mobile-enabled IoT solutions for various devices, including real-time monitoring and tracking services, video surveillance, connected home and other industry-specific solutions.

Wearable tech

Scopewit delivers solutions for wearable devices equipped with smart embedded sensors and displays. We back them with remote, cloud‑ based data collection, monitoring and advanced analytics capabilities.

Geo tracking

Scopewit implements GPS technology to enrich mobile applications with real-time tracking features, geo-fencing, geo-targeting, geo- conquesting, geotagging and location-aware in-app messaging.

Mobility performance

We maximize mobile solutions performance by optimizing and monitoring loads and response time, creating a scalable backend environment, and fast UI.

Unimpeded interoperability

Utilizing various APIs, connectors, and protocols, we deliver mobile architecture and middleware adaptable for integration to the existing infrastructure.

User experience

Starting from wireframes, mockups and prototypes, we implement a user‑centered approach to build a unified mobile experience across all possible devices.


Swits is Smart worker inter-timer scheduler system develope to manage time scheduling of employees working in small scale or mid-scale industry to make employer work easier

Managers Short implementation time

They have access to knowledge about their teams in terms of their current competences, qualifications, certificates, qualifications, research and OHS training. We improve the processes of applying for holidays, recruitment, and planning work schedules

Human Resources Simplify implementation

They get a tool for communication with employees of the organization. They monitor the course of processes: periodic assessments, setting goals, planning trainings, and calculating working time

Employees Easy to reach

The possibility of reporting graphic requests, training needs, requesting a vacation. Access to the work schedule and goals to be achieved.

Calculate Convenient in both end

This will implement the electronic circulation of vacation applications: holidays, occasional, free leaves, care under Article 188 of the Code of Civil Procedure. Each employee will have access to their vacation limit, which we settle in hours

Recruitment Get details easily

You will plan and carry out recruitment and selection processes like submitting applications for recruitment and employment, building a database of candidates, access to the database of recruitment questions

Smart Scheduling This is best!

Planning work schedules in accordance with regulations, registration of working hours, balancing and settlement of the period (night hours, overtime, shifts, absences)

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