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Request Letter

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We are introducing to free service for kartapubo application support in Poland, which includes information about temporary residency, long-term residency, permanent residency and other services like application and process for PESEL and NIP number. These services help to reduce language barrier while filling application with proper required document. This services for people and freely gives a basic information and a necessity for sustainable application making in a government office in the local language. Access to information is essential to informed decision-making at all levels. The dissemination of information and promotion of sustainable development initiatives, in response to the needs of underrepresented and marginalized sectors of society. This is an online resource center for required resource materials, information and all kinds of knowledge-based documents for an application filed in Poland for a stay.

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TRC Application


A residence card is a document confirming the identity of a foreigner during his stay in Poland. This document, together with a valid passport, confirms the right to stay in Poland and entitles the foreigner to cross the Polish national border numerous times without the need to have a visa. When crossing the border, the residence card should be presented to the Border Guard Service officials, together with a valid foreign passport.
Smart docs help you to fill this application in english and using standard database and algorithms which generate PDF on email the temporary residence card filled ready application which can be forwarded into government offices with valid documents

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After submitting documents if user has to submit more documents for case user need attach letter with user information in Polish language, In case need to track update user need to submit letter in Polish and all cases user need to provide letter attachment in polish we provide you letter for your case feel your information like case number and inspector name and date it is ready for submittion




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